Patch Notes - Knightfall Perfect World Private Server 2019
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Patch Notes
Delta and Nirvana can now be entered with two Toon's as requested by players,
Veno Pets that could not be evolved can now be evolved,
NPC added to faction Base (wandering artist teleport),
StarSeeker powder Added to the Cauldron of Knightfall,
O'Malley Blessing has been Added Market of Knightfall,
Faction BQ Rewards have been updated,
Perfect Neckless Engraves have been Added as Requested,
Teleport To XP Monsters added to Market of Knightfall,
XP Monsters Respawn timer has been reduced and the amount increased   PVE Event  (Gaius Event) <--- this is a temporary name  the player that comes up with an event Name that I like the most  This will Be Renamed to  entries  can Be Sent to me Via Email Skype discord or in game Via Gm's
the winner will be rewarded
PVP Event (Capture the Bull)  Squad PK    its Based of an old Game most of us played as a Kid  just with a little change of Picking up and Fighting over  The BullBall 
ToA Map will be opened   and hosts the Gaius Event on it along with  Bosses
Such as some of the UP bosses  
 Be careful Not to Run into Morgana's Assassins  they are in stealth And they Roam the Map They can See a Sin  in stealth


TOP Factions
# Name Members TW
1 Sanctuary 51 21
2 LocKnLoaD 189 18
3 Andromeda 96 8
4 Rebellion 75 5
5 Knights 12 1
In-Game Screens
# Name Kills Deaths
1 zCookie 4 1
2 Precision 2 0
3 zMilks 1 4
4 foxey 1 0
5 WickedKanna 0 0
6 Hadesus 0 0
7 killspree 0 0
8 RoxiLynn 0 0
9 Unomortal 0 0
10 Abby 0 0