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Rules And Info

Knightfall is for a Mature Audience specifically designed to be viewed by adults, therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17. This program may contain one or more of the following: Intense violence, blood or gore, sexual content or strong language. By creating an account you represent that you have read and understand the Knightfall rules. We reserve the right to ban delete or perform any actions necessary if one of your characters breaks server rules explicitly or implicitly, or in any special case that is deemed worthy of these actions. 

1. English only in World Chat or Common Chat. 

2. No drama in any Public chats, Faction chats, Discord or Forums.

3. Please Keep any strong language to a bare minimum; no abuse, intimidation, bullying, foul or vulgar language, racial remarks of any sorts is allowed in any World/Common chats, Discord or Forums. Racial remarks or Bullying will not be tollerated at all.

4. Faction and Whisper chats will be at the player's discretion, however keep in mind; abuse, intimidation, bullying, foul language, racial remarks of any sorts is established the offender will be disciplined accordinly. 

5. No stalking of other players is allowed; this is considered harassment.

6. No bullying in any chats, Forums or Discord. Bullying will not be tolerated for any reason.

7. At all times respect the GM's. They are there to help you! Swearing at or Flaming them will get your accounts deleted or IP banned of said offenders account.

8. Mutual PvP is allowed and can be fun, any items that drop can be picked up by other players, so be aware!

9. The server is PvE with the option for PvP.  Do not force anyone to swap into PvP. This will be classified as bullying. 

10. Non-consensual attacks between players are not allowed in open world, only mutual PvP is allowed. Killing a player that is actively Questing is not allowed for any reason unless that Quest has PvP Built in. Separate realms for those who wish to be able to attack anyone at any time will be provided. Please understand by going into these realms you do so at your own risk, by doing so you take the chance of being killed; through death loss of items can occur and other players can obtain these dropped items. 

11. Duel clienting is allowed, however you can only have two Characters in any instance at any one time. Keep in mind Territory Wars are Governed differently, as stated under the section: Rules for Territorial Wars.

12. The sharing of Passwords/Accounts; any items or Toons lost due to account sharing will not be replaced for any reason. By giving your account information out your doing so at your own risk.

13. Glitching items from Bound to Tradable without reporting the Bug will not be tollerated. The items will be removed from all accounts in question. 

14. If an item is found to cause your character to be invisble you are required to report it to a GM or in the bugs-and-glitches on Discord if a GM is not available; then immediately sell the item.

15. Bots, damage hacks; any third party programs are not allowed. Auto clickers are the only exception, and must be utilized in a safe zone only, no open world use.

16. Impersonating, mocking or using an alternate letter in a name to impersonate another is not allowed. 

17. Impersonating, mocking or using an alternate letter in a Guild name to impersonate another Guild is not allowed. 

18. Using GM's name with or without the prefix/tagname [GM] in game is strictly prohibited. You will be given a chance to delete the said characters in 2 hours. Failure to do so will have your account banned permanently.

19. In the Event a ban is put in place and a VPN or IP renew is used to go around it; a Complete Character Deletions Will take place.

Event Rules: 

Any events in game such as "Knightfall Event" can have up to 2 accounts attend the event. Family's who play will be allowed to have each member of the family do the same, as we know at times families will play the game together. All events are considered PvE NO PK allowed unless a GM states otherwise. Most of all have fun with friends and family, and welcome to Knightfall....

Rules for Territorial Wars:

Factions that cannot abide by these rules or that of fair play should not bid on Territory Wars. Players who are found to be in violation of said rules will be disciplined accordingly. Keep in mind there are always consequences for ones actions, therefore think before breaking a rule.

1. No account sharing or account swapping is allowed in Territory War Battles.

2. No duel clienting allowed in Territory War Battles.

3. Only a Single Toon/One account; no alternate accounts can be used for Territory War Battles. Account sharing or account swapping is not allowed at all. Make sure to choose wisely the toon you will use for the Territry War Battle that day, as it will be the only toon allowed in the TW map; changing would be considered account sharing or account swapping. The person found doing this will cause their Faction Battle to be counted as a loss, and the other Faction to gain the win. If both Faction's are found account sharing or account swapping, each Faction will lose Land. The punishments stated are as a result of breaking said rule.

4. No in-game mechanics should be used in order to abuse the bidding system in any way. 

5. No collaboration before, during, or after a Territory War that tries to circumvent the fair play of the server/event is prohibited. 

6. No spamming of World Chat or Common Chat with derogatory comments, abuse or intimidation of players before, during or after a Territory War.

7. No running past the Crystal of the opposing Faction.

8. No Spawn Killing 

9. No Fake Territorial War bids are allowed. 

Fake bidding occurs when at least one of the following is met:

A. Player bids with a Faction that has less than 3 active people; main toons only.

B. Player bids with an alt Faction.

       "Clarification" of what an Alt Faction is:

Leader of the bidding Faction has an Officer position (Marshal, Director or Leader) in another Territorial War Faction or bidding Faction or is and alt Guild of another Territory War Guild


Voting currently gives "Five Gold" per 100 Votecoins; there are currently four vote sites. Unlike other servers we at Knightfall allow multi-household voting, so entire families can play and be rewarded for playing.

(Anyone found to be cheating the system for pvp gains will be warned and if needed banned)


Donations do get rewarded however it's in coins to your web account > that can be traded for in-game services and Gold (cubi).

1 GBP  =  100 Docoins  You can trade for 20 in game gold in the in game services tab.


TOP Factions
# Name Members TW
1 Sanctuary 51 21
2 LocKnLoaD 189 18
3 Andromeda 96 8
4 Rebellion 75 5
5 Knights 12 1
In-Game Screens
# Name Kills Deaths
1 zCookie 4 1
2 Precision 2 0
3 zMilks 1 4
4 foxey 1 0
5 WickedKanna 0 0
6 Hadesus 0 0
7 killspree 0 0
8 RoxiLynn 0 0
9 Unomortal 0 0
10 Abby 0 0