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Hi, everyone,
Due to the Drop-in players online I decided to rebuild my client and remodel how I run my Server its something I've wanted to do for a while
I currently feel this is the best time to do so.
the main change is that there a whole new client and an updated Patching system comes with its own gigabit  port
Added into the Client is Knightfall Radio giving players the option to listen to the same thing while playing completely handle buy the patcher/Server
the Client its Self is rebuilt including fonts/shaders most of the UI you see In-Game  can now be moved  models.pck has been compressed freeing up space for fashion NPCs and everything else
gfx have been changed and some of them rewritten 
changes to the Patching Systems it should now be much Faster to patch the Game we still have two ways of patching:
Offline: requires a reboot of the server
Online: no reboot Required
included in the Client is A Bat file  with a template for an AutoLogin fill it out and u can Log in ur accounts in less than 40sec's just double click and its done however u do need to make sure our client is up to date
The Download is Live on the website  you currently have two options download 1 file
or there's an option to download it in 4 parts also on the download page under Direct links
changes to how I run the server:  this is a community server and not a professional Server I'm just like All of you and I'm going to make mistakes
 75%  of all my Patches with come From you Guys
The rest will come from me and what I want to See and Really push the Server to the next level
if u have a problem or any issues  the Support Email is


TOP Factions
# Name Members TW
1 Sanctuary 51 21
2 LocKnLoaD 189 18
3 Andromeda 96 8
4 Rebellion 75 5
5 Knights 12 1
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# Name Kills Deaths
1 zCookie 4 1
2 Precision 2 0
3 zMilks 1 4
4 foxey 1 0
5 WickedKanna 0 0
6 Hadesus 0 0
7 killspree 0 0
8 RoxiLynn 0 0
9 Unomortal 0 0
10 Abby 0 0